The Song of the Tree<br/>An ode to One who rides through desert places

Author: Lotis Key
Publisher: Lotis Key
Published: 2012-12-14
ISBN(s) 9780988677111
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Genre(s): Women's Fiction, Multicultural, Inspirational Read Excerpt >

Everyone loved him. He in turn, loved everyone back with an energy that melted resistance. His laughter ignited gold lights floating in the depths of his dark eyes, and the net he captured with turned the free into grateful slaves.

He excelled in adventure, poetry, games of all kinds, singing, dancing, conversing until dawn and rising late. His was nobility, strength and kindness, yet also the aroma of barely controlled wildness. No one could resist.

The little queen’s family enjoyed him thoroughly, but warned her: she must not marry him. That kind of beauty isn’t safe, they said. That kind of beauty can be dangerous, they said. That kind of beauty has too much power, they said.

She listened solemnly to their voices, but the nodding of her head was not to their wisdom, but rather, to the beat of her heart. His long lashes, framing eyes lit from within, the perfect cheeks flowing into swan-strong neck, the powerful muscles of his arms, the silken brush of his lips against her hand … it was too much for such a little queen and she was snared.

The power of youth is its faith in eternal joy; on a song-filled sunrise in early spring, young lovers stood, blending two into one, making promises that must last forever. Dressed in white and gold, they exchanged vows beneath the Tree of Life, committing to each other: families, fortunes, and futures.

The Song of the Tree ~ An ode to One who rides through desert places   by   Lotis Key   |   See Bio >

The Song of the Tree

Despite promises of eternal joy given by the Tree of Life, a privileged young woman loses everything in a brutal war. Her husband disappears; her family is murdered; her home is burned to the ground.

Desperate, starving and burdened with an unwanted child, she now despises and rejects the Tree she once worshiped. Ripped from her land and people, forced into survival immigration, she becomes a lowly refugee, a servant in the homes of the wealthy. Her unusually gifted child thrives, but is an ever present reminder of ultimate loss and betrayal.

Two women: one broken, the other rooted in bitterness, continue to be drawn towards the song of a Tree that will not let them go. Along roads of degrading poverty and equally destructive wealth, each much wrestle with the siren call of perfect love, and its altar sacrifice of trust.

The Song of the Tree is an intense, contemporary allegory that moves the God-seeker from fist shaking stance, down to knees before the throne.

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