A Thing Devoted<br/>

Author: Lotis Key
Publisher: Lotis Key
Published: 2012-12-14
ISBN(s) 9780988677104
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult, Youth (13 to 17)
Genre(s): Women's Fiction, Multicultural, Inspirational Read Excerpt >

My name is Abigail Grace, which means “The Father’s Joy”. Maybe, because I haven’t always been that, I grew up with people referring to me as “the Abster”. Sometimes they take a deep breath and let it out slowly when they say it.

I turned ten this month and I’ve changed my name to Abbey. That’s a house where prayers are lifted up to God. Since I’m trying to live up to that name, I’ve decided to write my memoirs, focusing on the most important years of my life so far. The last two.

When I was eight years old, my life’s piñata was hit hard. Bursting open, all the contents exploded down into the mud. Angrily, I confronted God. If you attend church regularly, on time, take notes in Sunday school, get full immersion baptism, tithe from your allowance, volunteer, and really truly believe in God, don’t you deserve to have a nice life? Shouldn’t He keep bad things from happening to you? I understand I have obligations towards Jesus, but doesn’t He have any towards me?

I was just eight then. I’ve matured since and acquired an enlarged view of God. But I haven’t forgotten where I came from, and I’m writing this for the people out there like the “me” I was: struggling with trust in unseen goodness, while the fully visible slaps them over and over again. For these people, I’ve decided to tell my story. It’s an excruciating, exhausting, and embarrassing story. Yet it’s a resurrection story. It’s the story of my family and the year we died.

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A Thing Devoted chronicles two years in the life of a Christian family devastated by adultery and divorce. Three, adopted, multi-racial children, struggle with the question of God’s seeming indifference to their pain. Ten year old Abster, a tiny spy in the house of loss and confusion, keeps a daily record of her observations.

“If you attend church weekly, and on time, are attentive in Sunday school, get full immersion baptism, tithe more than ten per cent, volunteer in the nursery, pray for missions, and really, truly believe in God, shouldn’t you be protected? Shouldn’t He keep terrible things from happening to you? I understand my obligations to Jesus, but what are His, to me?”

This intimate story of one family’s journey through fire, considers the purpose of suffering, its defining nature, and ultimately its life giving power.

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