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Become a member and build your own personal homepage in the Author section of Bookstore Without Borders, which will provide you with a marketing platform to market and sell your eBooks online!

As an author your homepage can be used as your website, or you can use it in conjunction with your personal author website as a marketing tool to help increase your website traffic.

We have a proven track record on our sister site,, a marketing platform for artists, online since 1999. Online marketing is what we specialize in, giving artists, authors, and editors excellent exposure and to sell eBooks and services online!

 Once you're a member, you log in to your author area and build your own system, by adding your biography, photo, and your books. You can begin selling your books immediately. Contact information such as your phone and email will be displayed (if you want them to) as well as a link to your personal author website.

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Because it's your platform, when a reader buys a book, they go directly to your checkout. We take no commissions. They pay you, and download your book in the format they choose.  All eBooks are encrypted and no one else will be able to download your eBook until they've first paid you for it.

This platform is ideal if you're just starting to sell your eBooks online and haven't got your website designed and developed yet or if you already have your own website, this platform will become a great marketing tool to help sell more eBooks and help build your career. If you need a website built or your old one redesigned, we build custom author websites that you can easily maintain yourself. We also develop individual book websites and do identity branding, logos and graphic work for all your print material. Online marketing is our specialty.  Our purpose it to give artists, authors, publishers, illustrators, and editors excellent exposure to sell their eBooks and services online!

How does it work?

The eBook Author Marketing Platform consists of the author's biography, photograph and images of the book covers.  Each book cover clicks to enlarge to the details page, which gives a complete description of the book, reviews and an excerpt. Best part of all, you build it yourself. Once you add a book to your area, it automatically goes into our eBook store database where readers can search by genre, title, author name or recommendation.  Your target reader can instantly buy your eBook, pay you via PayPal, download your book in their desired format, AND you keep all of the money. We take no commissions, ever.

In our eBook Store, readers will be able to search by genre, book title, author name, and targeted reader. eBooks do not come up by popularity. Every eBook has the same chance of being found, and readers will have a good experience searching all the eBooks on Bookstore Without Borders.

Once you've set up your Author Marketing System, we do professional SEO marketing on your pages, so people can find you and your eBooks on the search engines. We optimize the pages with titles, descriptions and keywords..specific your name, genre and eBook.

For authors who have us design and develop their custom website, all the books that are adding to your personal website will automatically populate in the database on

For more information on the author marketing system or if you are interested in a custom author website or book cover design, please call (403) 336-1313 or email

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