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The Eyes of the Heart by Embassie Susberry

Set in a small Mississippi town during the heart of the Civil Rights era, The Eyes of the Heart is a story about forgiveness, love, fear and hate. It is also a story about Edith Holden, a young woman living in the deep south who finds herself unwillingly confronted with racism, social injustice and her love for a man she is unsure she will ever have.


“Wonderful historical fiction! It is very well written and the story flowed from page to page. It grabbed my attention from the first page and never let go. The story was so real that I felt like I was there in the midst of it. It would make for a great Hallmark movie. Enjoyed reading this book more than anything I’ve read in quite a while.”

– Pat Adkins, Field Support Specialist, Women of Faith

“Susberry’s compelling plot, engaging characters, and ear for dialogue combine to make this book a page-turner.”

– Meaghan Porter, Associate Editor for the Baugher Group

“Wonderful story of how love is truly colorblind. Enjoyed the well-researched, historical setting of the south during the civil rights era.”

– Mandy Mullinix, Marketing Specialist for Gift Books, Thomas Nelson

(from the Women of Faith contest)

So why this book? Why this story? Two things:

1) As a kid (and an adult), I loved American historical fiction. My parents are vets, my sister is in the Navy. I bleed red, white and blue. I read the Dear America series, American Girl series, and anything by Ann Rinaldi, but the first book that changed my thinking was Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor. It was the first book I read about black Americans where we weren’t slaves. As a black girl, it really changed my thinking and I learned how empowering it is to see yourself on the written page where for once your whole life is not about taking care of someone else. And so I had this book in the back of my head when I sat down and wrote this book.

2) And, I had just taken a Civil Rights class in college and was inspired by the sacrifices that those people made. Could I have done it, had I lived then? I don’t know. I like to think I would, but I know my personality…and that is how Edith Holden was born.

And so, if you have time, I ask that you read the book and share your thoughts on Amazon. I didn’t write this book to get rich, I wrote it to entertain and to be a blessing and it is my hope that it does so.

Congratulations to our Second Place BWB LYRA AWARD Contest Winner
The Brothers' Keepers by NLB HORTON
When a dear friend disappears without warning, archaeologist Grace Madison exposes his deadly deception--only to realize that it endangers everything she cherishes.

While cataloging looted antiquities in Brussels, Grace learns that her son's bride has been attacked in Switzerland. Her day careens from bad to catastrophic when daughter Maggie, a hydrologist, disappears in France.

Coincidence is a luxury that Grace cannot afford. Particularly when near-fatal history--saturated in espionage--is repeating itself.

Family members convene in Paris, where they discover the key to the danger consuming them. Embedded like a taproot in the Ancient Near East, the cuneiform clay tablet is their only lifeline. But before they can save themselves, they must first find and rescue their elderly friend--if he'll let them.

On an epic journey following two brothers, crossing three continents, and spanning four thousand years, the Madison family risks it all to save it all. They rediscover and reinvest in love. Offer and receive redemption. And summon the courage to face truth: about themselves, each other, and the difference in right and wrong.

Because sometimes, doing what's right is all that's left.

About the Author

After an award-winning detour through journalism and marketing and a master's degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, NLBHorton returned to writing. She has surveyed archaeological digs under heavy artillery and machine gun fire from Syria and Lebanon (twice!). Calmly tossed a tarantula from her skiff into the Amazon after training with an Incan shaman. And consumed tea on five continents. A member of the venerable Explorers Club and mother of two adult children (the activities are related), she lives atop a Rocky Mountain with her husband of thirty years. She's passionate about her faith, archaeology, women's issues, and the environment. She's also a world-class angler, competent wing-shooter, and dirt-encrusted gardener.

Congratulations to our Third Place BWB LYRA AWARD Contest Winner
A Noble Story by David Drayer

When hard work fails to pay off, relationships fall flat, and carefully-laid plans unravel, it is easy to lose heart. The narrator of A Noble Story is a man whose dreams have faded and who zombie-walks through meaningless work days, drinks himself to sleep each night, and keeps company with the ghosts of lovers past.

One day, a dancing pickle twirling a sign on a street corner captures the narrator’s attention. The pickle is giving it all he’s got, caught up in a rhythm all his own. He is so sincere and dedicated in his efforts, he doesn’t look as ridiculous as he should. In fact, he seems somehow dignified. Even noble.

Who is that guy? And what’s his story?

As the answers to these questions begin to unfold, the narrator finds himself believing again. And just like that, he’s on his motorcycle, leaving his job and the city behind for open country roads and adventure. He may have no idea where life is suddenly leading him or if he’ll even survive, but for the first time in a long time—he's enjoying the ride.

About David Drayer

Today, I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Iowa, but my appetite for learning is as voracious as ever.

Always seeking adventure, I have lived in New York City, Los Angeles and many other places in between.

Aside from my three published novels, I have scripted screenplays, written and work-shopped stage plays, and completed various ghostwriting assignment.



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