Meet Lynda Baxter

16 things about me + one more

1. I trust Jesus.
2. My body is older than my mind.
3. Fun for me is an hour in a thrift store.
4. A bad day is when my hair is flat.
5. I'm torn between finding time to write or paint, so I work... to market authors and artists.
6. The perfect place to live is where there's no wind.
7. I stay up too late at night reading the news.
8. I can't sleep at night because I read the news.
9. My footwear of choice, all season gumboots, yes, even in the summer.
  10. When I was a kid I wanted to be a geologist.
11. (I really wanted to be an archaeologist but I couldn't spell it.)
12. In my free time I work.
13. Miles of ideas pass through my brain every day.
14. Some of my ideas have turned into realities.
15. If you want something, do something to make it happen.
16. When you’re faced with a difficult choice: you can't be certain which choice is the right one - but you can choose to do your best with the choice you’ve made. 17. God's in charge.

"The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all."
~ Ecclesiastes 9:11


Art websites, author websites, book illustrator websites, book cover design by Bookstore Without Borders. We specialize in ebook marketing, seo marketing and social media marketing. Bringing authors and readers together.
An accomplished Internet Consultant, Lynda Baxter has helped develop websites and marketing strategies for a great many artists and authors.
Lynda began her work in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing) in 1998, when she was a founding member in a successful Calgary dot-com start-up company. There she served as Project Manager, in addition to conducting SEO marketing, researching, and writing website content. This was a time when SEO marketing was still a rare phenomenon.

With a strong background in the art world, Lynda felt her Internet marketing savvy could greatly benefit artists by helping them promote their work online. In those days, artists were hesitant to showcase their work on the internet for fear their ideas would be stolen. Always a forward thinker, Lynda developed in 1999 to help artists market themselves and their work outside of traditional Art Galleries.

For over two years, Lynda worked for professional artists with little or no compensation. She did this to prove that she was in the art industry to help them, and to ensure they had low overhead when it came to marketing their work. Lynda never accepted commission for their sales as a result of being on her website, and to this day has never taken any commission from the artists she works with.

Today, has become one of the top-ranking online art sites, with over 80,000 visitors per month — a direct result of Lynda’s SEO Marketing efforts. At the insistence of artists living outside of Canada that wished to join, she’s added an International Gallery — just one example of Lynda’s admirable desire the help market artists online.

While she still focuses her SEO marketing efforts in the art industry, she has moved forward to market authors, build author websites and continues with her SEO Marketing for the eBook industry. She works along side with Scott Thompson, who is the genius behind their eBook store and a content management system. This system allows authors to maintain their own portion of as well as maintaining their own websites using his technology and CMS.  Bookstore Without Borders, is a huge eBook portal for authors to market and sell their eBooks online.


What makes us different? We're here to bring the readers and the authors together. We take no commission for any eBooks that are sold. Authors keep what they deserve, 100% of their eBook sales! Readers enjoy a well organized eBook store that is fair to all books and genres.
We've carefully researched the eBook industry and the end result is the development of this author eBook marketing platform. This website will help authors sell their eBooks online, as well, it will be a full resource center for authors, publishers, illustrators, and editors, and any other person or company in this industry who wants to benefit from a complete online eBook marketing solution.

Most importantly, Bookstore Without Borders offers full eBook marketing solutions. We build custom author websites, maintained by the author. Our CMS technology is developed and upgraded on an ongoing basis with the eBook industry in mind.

We create custom design book covers, Facebook Fan Page header graphics and set up, posters, business cards, even t-shirts. We're here to give identity and branding to the author. We provide full instructions to each client on how to edit text pages and manage their own eBook store. We make it a personal experience for you because we're available to help you. We don't want you to stall out in your marketing program, we make it easy for you to achieve your goals. Our websites are created in such a way that anyone can manage them no matter what your age or level of experience with computers and the Internet.

Lynda Baxter maintains a satisfied clientele, and strives to give each individual or business the highest level of service. As a result, she’s grown her client base by way of referrals.

In the end, being a part of Bookstore Without Borders, you’ll have an Author Marketing Platform that’s easy to navigate, self-manage, and one that will rank well on top search engines – which ultimately translates into success for you and your eBook sales.

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