Marketing Children's Books

Authors who write for children face many challenges. They have to satisfy parents who make the buying decisions and they must also entertain the children who are their target audience.

More authors are writing children's books today, and more authors are independently publishing children's books.

With so many authors writing for children, how do you set yourself apart? Is there a place for independent children’s eBooks?

We think so. Parents already have eReaders for themselves. Imagine cuddling beside your child with your eReader, downloading whatever they want to hear, whatever you want to read to them. You reading to them, eases into them reading to you.

Ebooks also eliminate a lot of hassle. No more torn books, books without covers or with the last page missing! No more clutter in a room already filled to the window ledge with kid 'stuff'. Less clutter is a good thing. As kids get older they’re used to eReaders, technology, (they are anyway... most know more than we do) so why not make eBooks, a market to sell your children's books through?

Bookstore Without Borders can help you get your children's book out to your target market, their parents!
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