• How do you market authors on this website?

    The eBook Author Marketing Platform consists of the author's biography, photograph and images of the book covers. Each book cover clicks to enlarge to the details page, which gives a complete description of the book, reviews and an excerpt. Best part of all, you build it yourself. Once you add a book to your area, it automatically goes into our eBook store database where readers can seach by genre, title, author name or recommendation. Your target reader can instantly buy your eBook, pay you via PayPal, download your book in their desired format, AND you keep all of the money. We take no commissions, ever.

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  • What experience do you have with online marketing?

    We have a proven track record on our sister site, www.ArtInCanada.com, a marketing platform for artists, online since 1999, with traffic that exceeds 80,000 unique visitors per month. Online marketing is what we specialize in, giving artists, authors, illustrators, and editors excellent exposure to sell your services and eBooks online!

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  • Do you build author websites?

    Bookstore Without Borders offers full eBook marketing solutions. We are an SEO Marketing company that just happens to build custom author websites, ones that can be maintained by the author. Our CMS technology is developed and upgraded on an ongoing basis as the eBook industry evolves.

    We develop our author websites with you in mind. We teach you everything you need to know about maintaining your website.
    Every time you upload your latest book on your website, it will automatically go into our online book store on BookstoreWithoutBorders.com.

    Why should you build your website with us?
    Our team of designers, programmers and project managers will work just as hard as you do at writing your books.
    We know how. We’ve been doing custom websites, graphic design and SEO Marketing since 1998.

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  • How does Bookstore Without Borders help Authors?

    We specialize in Author Websites, Book Websites, Book cover design, SEO Marketing and selling YOUR eBooks from our online bookstore. Authors build your own marketing platform to market your eBooks! You keep 100% of your sales.

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  • How does Bookstore Without Borders help Readers?

    The biggest benefit for BWB readers is that after buying a book through Bookstore Without Borders, you can keep that book on your bookshelf for as long as you like and will be able to download it again in case you ever lose it.

    As a member you can also sign up to be notified about a favorite author’s upcoming release and can leave a rating on every book you purchase. You will have access to our massive sales and insider information on what’s going on at Bookstore Without Borders.

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  • As an author do I REALLY get 100% of the sales?

    We believe in Fair Trade for authors. Fair Trade is a different way of doing business. It's about making principles of fairness and decency mean something in the marketplace.
    The idea of Fair Trade eBooks is unique to Bookstore Without Borders. We want to give readers an option in how they buy books. At Bookstore Without Borders the full purchase price of the eBook goes directly to the author, we take no commissions. Ever. We want authors to make a living wage at their craft and we want readers to be able to make buying choices that have a positive impact on the lives of the artists who write the books they love.

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  • How do the eBooks get their ratings?

    Bookstore Without Borders has professional readers rating our books. We use a star rating system as well as a professional review for all new release (current year) books.

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  • What is RSS?

    I’ve been reading up on Web Feeds. I want to know, and I want you to know how they work and why they are important.

    The definition on Wikipedia goes something like this. (Okay, exactly like this…)


    “A web feed (or news feed) is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content. Content distributors syndicate a web feed, thereby allowing users to subscribe to it. Making a collection of web feeds accessible in one spot is known as aggregation, which is performed by an aggregator. A web feed is also sometimes referred to as a syndicated feed.”

    So what does that mean?
    It means you are not put on an email list to receive the feeds, which means you are able to still get the information you have signed up for but you will not be threatened by spam, identity theft, phishing, and viruses that are associated with being on email lists. You never give them your actual email address. If no longer want to subscribe, you just remove the feed from your aggregator.

    If you visit certain sites with consistency, without RSS, the only way you will know if new content has been added is to go there to check. That is time consuming. RSS is an information aggregation technology that helps you integrate the websites you visit in one browser or one page that can show the updated information from all the sites you choose. That includes showing you text, pictures, music, or video. You find the symbol on the website of your choice and add it to your RSS reader.

    Many thousands of bloggers, podcasters, and video bloggers publish feeds so they are better connected to their readers.

    How do you publish your own feeds?
    If you have a website, a blog, audio/video content, or photographs, you can offer a feed of your content. Your feed is published automatically if you use popular blogging platforms or publishing tools like TypePad, WordPress, or Blogger.

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