Bookstore Without Borders Philosophy

Bookstore Without Borders is a bookstore with a vision. We believe that the future of books and publishing is being shaped as we speak. We believe that now, at this very moment, readers and authors have never been more connected and that it's possible, through the choices we make as consumers, to make book writing, book buying and book reading a better experience.

We believe in Fair Trade for authors. Fair Trade is a different way of doing business. It's about making principles of fairness and decency mean something in the marketplace.

The idea of Fair Trade eBooks is unique to Bookstore Without Borders. We want to give readers an option in how they buy books. At Bookstore Without Borders your money goes directly to the author, we take no commissions. Ever. We want authors to make a living wage at their craft and we want readers to be able to make buying choices that have a positive impact on the lives of the artists who write the books they love.

Benefits of Membership with Bookstore Without Borders:


eBook Marketing portal
Contests to find the best in Independent Fiction
No commissions
Equal Exposure for all books on our site
Marketing Extras for those who want to expand their readership
High Reader Traffic
BWB has been designed to market and sell eBooks only. We're not trying to fit eBooks into a physical book template, we have designed the BWB store with the unique benefits and challenges of eBooks as our only aim.


We are an eBook hub. Find the latest and greatest eBook titles on our site.
Readers are able to buy books knowing that Bookstore Without Borders takes no commission from our authors.
Our eBooks are searchable by contest winners, genre and rating.
As a member you have access to our amazing sales events.
As a member you will have access to a community of readers who are passionate about books.

Editors, Illustrators, Cover Designers:

Bookstore Without Borders Provide a portal for authors to search for your services.


While we respect your right to freedom of expression and free speech, we have designed Bookstore Without Borders to be a family-friendly site, so we reserve the right to revoke or deny our services to individuals using Bookstore Without Borders to distribute X-rated materials.  We will also deny our services to books with sexually explicit covers.  If you are unsure if your cover meets our guidelines feel free to email for more information.

All eBooks, formatting and contents on this website, are the sole responsibility of its author and not of Bookstore Without Borders.

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