Why eBooks

eBooks will never entirely replace physical books, but eBooks will occupy a greater and greater spot in the marketplace in the next few years.  All you have to do is try an eReader once to see exactly how convenient, how intuitive and how comfortable reading eBooks can be.

Why eBooks?  It’s a good question.  Why are people converting to eBooks in droves?

  • They’ve recently moved and discovered that three thousand books on an eReader weigh significantly less and takes up fewer boxes than three thousand physical books.
  • They’ve gone to a bricks and mortar bookstore only to find the book they want not available or sold out.
  • They love the ease with which they can purchase any book, in seconds, and be reading in moments.
  • They’ve discovered the wealth of titles which are now available only in eBook format.
  • They can get copies of out of print books they used to love in eBook format. Many Classics can be downloaded on the Project Gutenberg Website.
  • They like the fact that fewer resources are used by eBooks (paper, binding, delivery) than by physical books.

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