Meet Scott Thompson

Scott comes from an extensive background in the digital pre-press and printing industry. One of the founding members of Graphic Knights, now known as Digital Direct Printing, Vancouver Island's largest printing company. It was here that Scott developed a diverse set of computer, layout, marketing and management skills.

In 1998 He joined forces with a successful .com company. With his love of computers and technology Scott created all of their online database applications, including but not limited to a database network spanning hundreds of sites displaying real estate listings. This system easily handled over a million listing views a month. The system also had a robust, feature rich online listings and client management system for the real estate offices as well as the individual realtors. Along with that, Scott was responsible for creating the extranet / workflow system, servers, and network infrastructure that was key to their success with the ability to create, host, and manage over 2000 websites in the seven years he was involved.

Bookstore Without Borders

"Without Scott Thompson’s extensive programming background and his own Content Management System, Bookstore Without Borders would not have become a reality. The unique programming requirements of this website have been masterminded by Scott he’s done an incredible job. Thank you Scott"
~ Lynda Baxter

ITS Technology

With our comprehensive list of technology, we can provide you with more than you thought possible. Our tools and technologies will allow you to:

  • online workflow
  • content management system (CMS)
  • ecommerce solution
  • customer relationship management
  • web analytics

Most importantly we do it all in-house, we control the schedule and the work flow, so that you can be assured that your deadlines and launch dates will be met.

Online Workflow

If your company manufactures or produces goods then a web based workflow system could be the answer for you. No software to install, no need for expensive high end computers, and a user friendly interface, our custom fit software will grow to fit your sales and logistical needs easily.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Imagine the ability to edit content on your web site as easily as writing an email. ITS CMS allows you to manage your staff, surfers and administrators. How about being able to surf your website after logging in as an administrator, and certain areas of certain pages (or all areas.... you control the access) and being able to click an edit link on a story and simply edit it in a WYSIWYG style editor. Our CMS modules will allow you to do virtually anything you can think your site needs!

Ecommerce Solutions

ITS ecommerce, our web store solution has been evolving for over 6 years and with the many different customers needs over the years, our store is robust, user friendly and functional. We feel that our web store is the best out there as it's not a shrink wrapped solution that you fit around your business. Like every thing that ITS does, we customize our solutions to best fit your needs. ITS is also very aware that ecommerce does not necessarily mean a web store, we have many solutions and tools that will allow the client (you!) and ourselves to find the best fit for your online, interactive needs.


Customer Relationship Management

ITS knows all too well that the most successful business is primarily successful because of their level of service and the quality of their product. This is the same attitude that ITS has and with that in mind, we have created a Customer Management tool that will help you keep on top of all your customers communication needs, from sending bulk email, to customer journal entries and login areas. You can be assured that your web site will drastically improve your communication with all of your customers and even suppliers.

Web Analytics

ITS knows that a web site is of little use if you can not measure the traffic and visitors to your site. ITS has invested heavily in our visitor analytics software allowing you to see your daily updated traffic with hundreds of different reports, telling you from where, what search engines, what other sites, etc your traffic is coming from, and to what pages and services they are being attracted. With information like this, you will be able to effectively target your internet and traditional marketing dollars in a much more focused and effective manner.

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