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There's never been a better time to join our BWB family than NOW!

As an author with Bookstore Without Borders you get:
Lower Prices
Annual Lyra Independent Novel Contest ($1000 cash prize)
Chance to participate in frequent giveaways (mini kobo readers)
Short story and post card competitions.

You don't need to try to figure what your next step is. You write a book. We've got you covered! Besides the Author Marketing System (AMP),
we do SEO Marketing and can provide Social Media Marketing, Custom Websites you maintain yourself, Book Cover Design, Editing, eBook Conversions and Writing Assessments!

AMP (Author Marketing Platform) MORE >
You maintain it yourself. It's a one time fee of $9.99
AMP is your platform to market and sell your eBooks on a professionally marketed website.
You upload your bio, photo and up to 2 books.
For each book you add the tag line, description, cover, and formatted books for the buyers to download.
Readers purchase your book directly from you, via your PayPal account.
BWB takes no commission.
No yearly fees.
No hidden agenda.
We're here to help you sell books. You keep the money you’ve earned.

Bookstore Without Borders might be new, but we're not new to helping creative people sell their work! We've been marketing artists on our sister site Art In Canada since 1999 and through that site artists sell their work all over the world, without the gallery fees. Same concept. We don't take any commission from any sales. We never have, we never will. That's our promise to you.

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