How Do Independently Published Authors Sell Their eBooks?

Bookstore Without Borders was designed to be an online marketplace for eBooks, a platform for independently published authors to sell their eBooks. BWB is basing its marketing strategy on our proven sister site. This site gets over 80,000 unique visitors per month and is a marketing platform for artists to sell their art. Artists love the concept that we don't take commission on their work.

Bookstore Without Borders sells book space in our bookstore, we do custom website design, book covers and advertising, as well as writers contests, and advertising in our directory section.

We are a platform that brings readers and authors together. We know our marketing methods and marketing strategies are tried, tested and true since 1999.
Our site is custom built to provide readers and author, editor, illustrator members, the best experience possible.

Our main thrust is helping authors to market and sell their eBooks and get a fair price for them. That's why we take no commission on any book sales.
We have over ten year's experience in the book industry and have an active marketing plan to develop a reader base that includes professional social media marketing, Independent Novel Awards, contests, promotions and reader loyalty programs. Our software engineer has designed a system where you don't have to worry about security when you upload your eBook files.  All of our eBook files are immediately encrypted in a 256-bit key encryption and they are stored in a non-web accessible server. We then provide download links to readers as soon as payment has been received for the book.

 Authors upload copies of their eBooks in several formats of the most common eBook files.

We recommend: *.epub, *.azw3, *.mobi, *.lit, *.pdf

We provide a service that takes a formatted document and converts it into all of the named formats, and we store them on our secure server.  When a reader completes payment we send them a link to the eBook in the format of their choice.  We also keep a record of the sale so that they can download the book again if they lose it.

Our goal is to help authors and publishers get exposure and sales for their eBooks.  

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