No More Illusions...A Mystery<br/>

Author: Daniel Babka
Publisher: Blue Squirrel Press
Published: 2014-07-15
ISBN(s) 9780991060115
Language(s): English
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Genre(s): Mystery, Crime Fiction, Action Read Excerpt >

"It's like what John Lewis, the Georgia congressman who marched with Dr. King and the Freedom Riders, said: 'You've got to put yourself in the way of what's wrong, find the courage to get in trouble, good trouble, necessary trouble.'  I don't much care what the consequences are," Blake said. "I like what I do, but I had a job before I became a detective and I'll have one afterwards."...Dylan Blake left the campground in Big Sur with no agenda in mind beyond letting the day unfold. He'd spent five days relaxing, swimming in the ocean, sleeping under the stars, and hiking. It centered him, the same way a Zen garden did other people. A condor, riding the wind currents along the coast near Garrapata, soared over his head the day before. And he'd seen another in the canyons below the Carmel Highlands near the cloud lines that stretched across the Pacific...



No More Illusions...A Mystery   by   Daniel Babka   |   See Bio >
Paperback book is available through Amazon for $14.95. Chosen as 1 of 20 independently published books in the U.S. featured in the September 2014 issue of Kirkus Reviews Magazine (continuously published since 1933). 5 STARS from IndieReader as well.

Kirkus Reviews describes the book as "Accomplished, ambitious crime fiction...a multilayered tale that has shades of California noir à la Chinatown." 5 STARS from IndieReader. "...written in the style of Elmore Leonard," says the San Francisco Book Review. Dylan Blake has had some losses in his life -- a brother who committed suicide, a father killed by a drunk driver, a marriage that didn't work. The scars have stayed with him. A rookie cop at age 41, promoted to Detective after 18 months, Blake unexpectedly finds his vacation interrupted and his romance tested when the Chief of Police calls and asks him to take a look at an accident scene along the Pacific Coast Highway near Big Sur. Blake's discovery pulls him back to his own painful memories and sets a chain of events in motion that unearth a family's secrets about murder and the way morality can be made to bend as the story moves back & forth between Big Sur, Northern California, and Utah. No serial killers or sociopaths...a mystery, pure & simple, packed  full of morality and temptation.

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