Seeking the Light of Justice<br/>

Author: Barry Nadel
Publisher: Barry Nadel
Published: 0000-00-00
ISBN(s) 9789655551831
Illustrator: Yifat Yerushalmi
Language(s): English
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult, Juvenile (8 - 12)
Genre(s): Fantasy, Inspirational, Action
Seeking the Light of Justice   by   Barry Nadel   |   See Bio >
Book 1 of 22 in the The Hoshiyan Chronicles Series.
Exciting mystical journey in universal consciousness

The Hoshiyan Chronicles are an exciting mystical journey in universal consciousness.
The first book, Seeking the Light of Justice is set in Jerusalem and Southern Spain.
It follows Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg's quest for the origins of the Light of Justice.

Prof. Rosenberg and his team must survive Basque terrorists, traitors in the Spainsh

government, the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition and finally incarceration in the

infamous Valdemoro Prison outside Madrid for standing by his princples and morals.

Seeking the Light of Justice brings you into the minds of people faced with serious

ethical and moral questions. Journey with the characters on their journey of spiritual


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