The name Jan Carol came about when I was 14 and began writing my first novel.  I've written many novels since then, only putting it aside while raising our children, as they take priority over anything else.  I was a stay-at-home mom, and in 1991, I pulled my children from public school and homeschooled for a total of 20 years, which includes 2 granddaughters we've raised since infants.

I grew up in California 14 blocks from Monterey Bay's beautiful beaches.  Moved to New Mexico when I was 20, then up to Missouri 14 years later.  The areas I've lived, I've written into several of my novels.

All my children are grown and have their own families.  I'm now a grandmother of 15, but they are scattered among the states, from Alaska to New Mexico, and Indiana...and more.

I still love writing, but find little time to now, as I've begun editing for others. I really enjoy reading what others have written, and it's a pleasure to help get a book in the best shape it can be.



This, too, shall pass

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