It Takes Patience<br/>

Author: Jan Abney
Publisher: Janet Abney
Published: 2011-11-11
ISBN(s) 978-1467937191
Language(s): English
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Genre(s): Romance, Contemporary, Romance & Friendship Read Excerpt >

As she started to put the children in the little yellow bug, a fancy car drove up behind hers. Rachael left Jimmy to finish buckling his brother and sister, walking toward the driver's side of the strange vehicle. As she approached, a woman in her early thirties stepped out.

"Is this Jake Hammond's house?" The voice, the clothes, the way the woman carried herself, all spoke of money.

"It is." She answered politely. "He isn't home. Can I help you?"

"That depends. I wouldn't want to burden you with problems if you weren't family, or something equally close." The woman stood behind her open door.

Rachael had stopped at the nose of the larger car. "We're engaged. There's nothing concrete as to when we'll be getting married."

She eyed the volkswagen with the little faces looking out the back window. "Oh, dear. I do hate to do this. You look to be such a sweet little thing, and with three adorable little children, too." The sickening sweetness in her voice was too much.

"Hate to do what? Who are you?" Rachael had a sick feeling inside.

"I'm Jake's wife, dear." She left the words in the air, so they could sink into Rachael's head a moment.

"You mean you're his ex-wife." Rachael spoke clearly, feeling the color drain from her face.

"No. I mean I'm his wife. Jake is my husband. There has been no divorce. I'm sorry. I should have had you to sit down before I told you." The woman had a smirk on her face. She was enjoying what she was doing to the other who stood in front of her car. "You see, Jacob has a problem."

She used his Christian name to put emphasis on the love she had for him. "He's always had an eye for pretty, young things, much like yourself. Not that I'm old, but I am older than you. Don't let that worry you, dear. I'm used to breaking up his happy little sidekicks. I hope you haven't settled in, because I'm afraid I'd have to insist you find another place to live. I'm moving in with my husband. Again." She spoke the last word in a sing-song whisper.

"But he said you'd divorced three years ago." Rachael's voice squeaked. It seemed like a nightmare, and soon she'd wake up to find everything the same as it had been when she went to sleep in Jake's arms last night.

"Would you expect him to tell you the truth? We've been married over seven years. Could he have gotten you by saying he was married? Maybe by saying that his wife didn't understand him?" She walked around the door, closing it.

Backing from the woman, Rachael felt threatened. "No. I wouldn't have agreed to marry him if I had known." She wasn't convinced of this woman's story.

"I suggest you pack whatever you have in there and leave before I have the authorities do it for you." Mrs. Hammond's voice had become louder, more threatening.

Feeling the woman was capable of violence, she kept her distance. "How do I know you aren't trying to make Jake miserable because he divorced you?"

The woman looked and sounded evil when she threw her head back and laughed. Looking again at the younger woman, she smiled just as wickedly. "What would it profit me if we were divorced? Dear,
little girl, he is my husband and I intend to keep it that way. You have exactly five minutes to get your things and be out of here. After that, I won't be responsible for my actions."

Frightened, Rachael still wasn't sure. "But you didn't seem to know whether or not this was where Jake lived."

She looked at the expensive watch on her wrist before replying. "You see, this isn't the first time my husband left to set up house with the likes of you. It just took me longer to find him this time. I hired the wrong detective, my regular PI was too busy. I think he's tired of tracking down this man for me. I still can't believe I've had to pay this imbecile for almost two months of work. Really, Jacob isn't hard to find. He always works, always buys another house." She sounded bored of the game.

Rachael went to her car, still confused at the story. It seemed this woman who claimed Jake as her own had an answer for everything, as unbelievable as they seemed. Telling her children to stay inside, she locked both doors, taking the keys with her.

Unlocking the back door, she set his key on the kitchen table, then ran through the hall, up the stairs,
gathering they're things quickly. Many thoughts went through her head as she drove to her little  house. What would the woman gain if they were divorced? Knowing she was causing her ex-husband such misery? Who in their right mind would be so cruel?

But if it was true, how could Jake do this to her? Was she just another on his long string of women? Could he be that kind of man? Were there men who would do that?

What about Rick? He'd left her for another woman. But he hadn't had the money to buy a house. He hadn't had a job in all this time. But he'd gotten the divorce. Could she have tracked him down? Would she if she'd had the money? Why would any woman keep going after a man who would only leave her again? It made no sense.

She drove without thinking. As far as her children knew, they were going back to the house to pack up what they owned and they'd be going back to Jake's house forever. She didn't know what to say
to them now.

Inside, Rachael closed the door, locking it. She didn't need to see Rick, and she didn't want Jake coming over saying whatever he was going to say. If he'd ever show his face again. The only thing she knew to do to find out the truth would be to ask him. But if he were lying, wouldn't he continue to lie to her? That made sense. He'd try to smooth it out. Going to him wouldn't do any good.

Taking down the toys, she spread them on the floor. "How about building me a few airplanes?" She asked in as normal a tone as she could find.

"But I want to help pack." Jimmy looked up at her, knowing something was wrong.

"We aren't going to pack, sweetheart. Not yet, anyhow. Mommy needs to think." She went into the kitchen to make a cup of hot tea. The house was hot, but she didn't want to open the windows for fear Rick would break in. They'd have to do with things the way they were until she could think straight.

It wasn't long before Rick was at the front door. Opening it, she left the chain on. "Go away, Rick. I don't want to see you now."

"We need to talk. I was worried you packed, took the kids and left." He sounded relieved.

"It would have been better if we had." She talked through the crack in the door.

"Where have you been?" He asked out of concern.

She shook her head. "It doesn't matter. Please, leave us alone." She felt tears on her cheeks before she realized they were in her eyes.

"Are you all right, Rae?" He heard them in her voice. "Do you need to talk to someone? If you'll let me in, I promise just to listen."

"No. Go away." She tried to close the door, but his shoe was in the way. "We need some time alone."

"You and I?" Rick asked with hope.

"No." She really started crying then. "The kids and I."

"Come on, Rae. Open up. You need a shoulder. Mine is as good as any. We used to talk." His tone was gentle as he moved his shoe so she could close the door to take the chain off. Once that was done, he entered, closing the door behind him. Because it seemed right, he held her as she continued to cry.

Behind them, three sets of eyes watched. Fear kept them from moving. None spoke. The toys remained on the floor in the same place their mother had dumped them.

The confused and shocked state of mind allowed her let him hold her. It felt good, even if her feelings for this man weren't what she'd had for him before, nor were they ever as strong as what she felt about Jake.

"Do you want to talk?" Taking her to the couch, his actions were as she knew Jake's would be if things were different.

It Takes Patience   by   Jan Abney   |   See Bio >

The hospital is downsizing. Rachael, the last one hired in the cafeteria, is the first to be laid off.
Walking into Jake Hammond's office, knowing full well why she had been called in, Rachael
begins by telling him she understands why. The community needs the hospital. If he doesn't trim
the budget, the hospital will have to close. Though she needs this job, the community needs the
hospital more. She loses.

Listening to her tell him what he should be telling her, the hospital administrator isn't sure what
to say next. With this woman having three children to raise as a single parent, he feels the need to
be her big brother, to help in any way he can.

Just when Rachael feels she is finding what her life needs with this big brother, Rick Lindsey
decides it's time to return to his estranged family, to begin where they left off before he walked
out and divorced her. There's no way Rachael is going to take him back.

The worst that can happen, happens:, Jake's wife shows up at his new home while he is at work
and Rachael is there with her children, hiding from Rick. 'He gets antsy and leaves me all the
time. It's just taken me longer to find him this time.'

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