Dangerous Curves<br/>

Author: Jan Abney
Publisher: Janet Abney
Published: 2011-08-17
ISBN(s) 978-146376
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Genre(s): Romance, Contemporary, Romance & Friendship Read Excerpt >

She lay on the caise lounge wearing only the skimpy green bikini she knew her father detested.  I wish you would put some decent clothes on, he would scold her every time he saw her in it.  She had it on so seldom, only when her busy schedule allowed her time to lay around the pool.  This was one such time, and she was going to enjoy every minute of it.

She heard footsteps on the concrete patio, continuing down the walkway, into the fenced area where she lay relaxing.  They were not familiar, but she didn't move a muscle to look out from under the floppy black and white hat she wore on her head.  The steps were not lazy, but heavy, precise, knowing exactly where they were going.

Eliminating who they didn't belong to was easier than guessing whose they were.  Her father, the Senator, had short, slow steps.  They weren't his.  They were most definitely male, eliminating the young housekeeper, and their cook Mrs. Fussel.

That was a dear lady, Marida's thoughts wandered for a moment.  The woman had literally taken over raising Marida when her mother passed away.  It had been many years and her father wasn't a Senator any longer, though most people still called him that after his two terms.  He was heavily into politics even yet, though his law practice took up more of his time.

Her attention snapped back on the footsteps and she listened with more interest.  They couldn't belong to the chauffeur.  He was a stuffy, old man.  To look at and listen to him, you would dub him as a butler for an English Governor in London.

"Miss Caruth?"  The unfamiliar masculine voice received nothing but silence in answer.  After waiting a long moment, he continued, "Your father would like a few words with you."  The sunbathing form remained still and silent before him.

Through her sunglasses she could see brown trousers from his knees to the top of his shiny dark brown boots.  She wondered how long he would stand there, curiosity was getting to her, but she would not submit to it by raising her eyes to look at him.

"Miss Carruth, will you come quietly or would you rather I carry your beautiful, naked body into the house."  He spoke with a deliberate husky voice, low and sexy.

Somehow she knew he'd be capable of carrying out his threat and she would loathe the man's hands on her bare anything.  "Oh, all right."  She was graceful in getting to her feet.

He stood back as she started out the enclosed pool area, watching the feminine swing of her hips.  She was rich, as in money, anyone could see that without having to know anything about her.

Marida walked through the patio door, into the study where her mother used to do her painting.  It hadn't been touched, other than to be dusted and cleaned around, in the many years the woman had been gone.  Sentimental husband, her father.

The hallway was too dark for her taste.  The floor was marbled tile, reflecting any light that could reach it.  Very few paintings adorned the walls, not they anyone would have been able to see them.  Her father's office was near the double front doors, and she entered, knowing the mysterious man was behind her.

Taking one of the chairs in front of the large mahogany desk, Marida made as much noise as she could to let her father know she was there.  His head remained bent, as his attention was on the paperwork in front of him.  Beside his right hand was his cigar, sitting in the ashtray, smoldering, hardly smoked.  Mainly her father held the smelly thing between his lips, chewing on the tip now and again.

"Father, you wanted to see me?"   She was getting impatient.  If one called for her attention, that one should have his attention fully upon her as soon as she arrived.

"In a minute, dear," was her father's answer.

Her lips had formed the words as he spoke them, as this was almost a ritual for the two of them.  Always just a minute.

"You know I'm very busy, usually, and find so little time to enjoy myself.  I would like to get back to sunning, if you don't mind."

Her flippant way of speaking to her parent was very rude, thought the man who still stood behind her chair.

"Yes, dear."  Still he was going through what lie on his desk before him.  He turned a page over, placing it on the other side of the folder, continuing with the next one.

She studied him as if seeing him for the first time in a very long time.  His hair was getting more gray, thinning now, and was that a bald spot beginning to show?  His fingers were very round, and his dark skin made her think of the nasty cherrot still sitting in the ashtray.  He was quite large in stature, but she loved him.

He knew just the minute that his daughter was about to get up and walk out.  "Yes, Marida."  His attention was now on his daughter.  "I want you to remain calm."

She hated hearing that statement.  She knew what it meant, and that she hated most of all.  "You've been threatened again."  That was how his I want you to remain calm made her react, every time.  She was up, about to pace the room, when her eyes caught the man she'd all but forgotten about.

Dangerous Curves   by   Jan Abney   |   See Bio >

Marida hates being 'The Senator's' Daughter.  Threats come often because the ex-senator is a powerful lawyer who puts criminals away.  This time, though, the threat is made against Marida, and The Senator has to make sure she is safe.

Bodyguards around her constantly, whisked away from her home in Sacramento, her social calendar erased...  She's had enough.  It's time to change her life and find her own way.

She has everything planned out in her mind, then...a handsome Canadian comes to help his brother, The Senator's bodyguard, to make sure The Senator's daughter remains safe.

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