PIGMENT<br/>The Limbs of the Mukuyu Tree

Author: Renee Topper
Publisher: Story Matter
Published: 2016-07-07
ISBN(s) 978-0-9977284-0-8
Editor: Story Matter
Illustrator: Iram Shahzadi
Language(s): English, French, Swahili
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult, Youth (13 to 17)
Genre(s): Thrillers, Suspense, Mystery Read Excerpt >

August 3


“Veilcom, Herr Teigenn.” the security guard reaches out from the depths and holds the door for him.

“Gutten tag.” Rolf disappears into the bowels of this monstrosity of a building.

Fiona moves to follow him, but the guard shuts her out. She is left at the gates, staring up into the shiny intricate eyes etched in gold, metal all the way from Tanzania. That’s what that trial was about -- the local water supply was poisoned from all the mining -- it was a push for justice, a fight for the thirsty, still thirsty.

She steps back but stands tall, sizing up the ridiculous height of this monolithic black building. The gotham-style architecture, the deliberate flared nostrils carved into the cladding, she sees that she is now face-to-face with the dragon. If Herr Teigen had his way, she would go. But she’s staying. He knows more about what happened to Kennen and the American Albino Aliya, and she is determined to find out what, especially now.

The morning sun moves quickly, stranding her in the cold shadow. But she remains, unmoved, like the Irish women on Peace Bridge in Belfast, who stood in silent vigil for the mothers and children at Tuam. Her feet take deeper root in the pavement, despite the cold and the tormenting heavy gusts that blow on her each time the door opens. Were someone to light a match, she’d surely be roasted in the fiery breath.


PIGMENT ~ The Limbs of the Mukuyu Tree   by   Renee Topper   |   See Bio >
They call them ghosts. You can't kill ghosts.

"You can't kill a ghost."

Young American Aliya Scott travels to Tanzania to help children with her condition. There, people without pigment in their skin are called zeru-zeru, it means ghost, and they are believed to possess magical powers. When Aliya goes missing, her father sets out on a mission to find her. He soon discovers that she was up to more than teaching the alphabet and handing out sunblock.  With each step he learns more about his daughter and a country rooted in ancestry, rich with resources, full of mystery and conflict, and a world of witchdoctors and foreign plundering, with little transparency and less justice. From the shadow of the Mukuyu tree he follows her ?ghost? to the head of the dragon in Europe. But will he reach Aliya before it is too late?

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