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Gloria Antypowich writes Contemporary Adult Fiction with a romance flair. In 2015, she published the Belanger Creek Ranch Series, a group of four books that can be read as standalone, but will enrich the readers experience if they are read in sequence. The series focuses on a group of people who have become as close as family because of the friendships they have created through their business relationships with the Belanger Creek Ranch. The series is set in Southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada.

Human relationships fascinate her. Ideas for stories can be found everywhere; over-heard conversations in a public place, a couple fighting in a restaurant, a story in the news, even a chance remark in a conversation with a friend. She is enamored with the power of words and loves to use them to paint images of characters that become so real, they feel like they could be your next door neighbor.

She does not believe that relationships are merrily “happy ever after.” All relationships have an ebb and flow. Every emotionally healthy couple consists of two distinct individuals, and no two people see things the same way all the time. In fact, she’s certain that any couple who has been in a long turn relationship and is completely honest, has to admit that there have been times when they haven’t really liked each other.

The bottom line is, she believes if you both still love each other and are willing to try, you can work through (or around) almost everything except abuse or reoccurring or long term infidelity. Relationships require commitment, give and take, compromise and consideration for each other: in other words they take work! Each individual has their own ideas, beliefs and needs. Environment, upbringing and life experiences affect their personality and character. Nothing is simple or automatically agreeable. Some things you just accept, others you quietly agree to disagree about. And then of course, there must be chemistry!

 Gloria is an avid reader of several different genres. She usually reads for relaxation, but sometimes she reads to learn about social issues and challenges that people face. She write reviews for the books that she really enjoys. She also listens to a wide selection of music. A good game of cards, sharing a laugh with a friend over a glass of wine and spending time with her family are a few of her favorite things to do.


"A book is a gift you can open again and again>"
~ Garrison Keillor

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