The Rival<br/>

Author: Sandra Gustafsson
Publisher: Textat AB
Published: 2015-08-27
ISBN(s) 9789198255034
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Genre(s): Suspense, Thrillers, Action
The Rival   by   Sandra Gustafsson   |   See Bio >

Someone killed Joakim.

His girlfriend Sara and his brother Tobias give radically different accounts of what happened.

Is Sara really in love with the brother or is she in fact a sociopath who won’t stop at anything, as Tobias claims? 

The Rival gives us the portraits of two characters at the ends of their ropes: Tobias with his intense love-hate relationship with his family and Sara who has negated her own personality in her struggle to be accepted. When each makes a desperate effort to gain control, nothing turns out the way they planned. 

The Rival is a claustrophobic thriller about jealousy, revenge and the consequences of manipulating others.

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