Bird Carols<br/>Biblical Birds Praise Jesus Christ

Author: Richard Barnett
Publisher: Richard S. Barnett
Published: 2002-01-01
Language(s): English
Category: Non-Fiction
Audience: Adult
Genre(s): Bible Study, Christianity, Science & Nature
Bird Carols ~ Biblical Birds Praise Jesus Christ   by   Richard Barnett   |   See Bio >
Advent and the Christmas season can inspire the best in us, our creativity and a capacity to care about others that draws us closer to them and God.

Richard Barnett lives in the grip of a story that caught and fired his imagination sixty years ago. The story draws him into a thought world where all things are possible. It’s the world of a story where everything that happens is connected with Jesus Christ and where everyone is important to him.

Richard began writing Christmas haiku (a Japanese-style verse in 15 words) on Christmas greeting cards many years ago. When longer verses came to mind, he used them instead of greeting cards. BIRD CAROLS grew out of this practice. The verses of his title poem suggest the praises that seven biblical birds might sing in honor of Jesus Christ, the focus of BIRD CAROLS. The accompanying short stories each include one bird in a vignette set before, during, or after the first Christmas Eve.

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