The Act<br/>

Author: Rhonda Jackson Joseph
Publisher: Tea and a Tome Publishing
Published: 2013-07-08
Language(s): English
Pages: 32 pages
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Genre(s): Multicultural, Romance, Contemporary Read Excerpt >

"So what did I miss around here in two weeks?" Ty's cheek was full of cookie, and he looked like a little kid trying to savor every bite.

"Nothing. Just the same old, same old. Except this time, my daughters managed to bring the oldest, most lecherous man I've seen in a long time to try and marry me off to." Ty reached across the table and rested his hand on hers. She watched the way the crumbs scattered off of his hand, onto hers, and then onto the table.

"Uh oh. The Terror Three are at it again." Melanie liked the way his hand felt as it curled around hers. Strong and soft at the same time. Not rough like Sam's had often been after all day in the shop.

"Yeah. I think I'll finally have to do something about it now. They are getting totally out of hand." Ty looked up from his cookies just long enough for her to catch a glimpse of a fleeting expression on his face. She untangled her hand from his and picked up her cup of coffee.

"I think I might have an idea." Melanie looked at Ty expectantly when he hesitated to go further. The devilish gleam in his eye assured her she would love what he was about to say. She cocked her right eyebrow up at him. "Do you think they would stop trying to match you up if they thought you were already taken?"

Melanie looked at him in confusion for a moment, smiling when realization dawned on her. "And who exactly am I matched up with?"

Ty finished the last of his cookies and wiped his mouth on a napkin. "Oh, I don't know. Some middle aged, good looking, financially stable man. A real catch, even if he doesn't have any hair left."

Melanie laughed at his teasing of himself. She leaned her head to the side and examined him the way her daughters would. Ty was tall and had the physique of someone who took really good care of himself. She remembered his having admitted to taking a daily run, even when he was out on the road. He'd joked that it was the only way to work off all her delectable pastries.

His beard and mustache were lightly sprinkled with gray hair and shaped into a neat goatee, and the perpetual twinkle in his eyes was rivaled only by the gleam of his clean-shaven head. He's pretty handsome. Hot, even. This was perfect!

"You don't have to take so long to think about it."

The Act   by   Rhonda Jackson Joseph   |   See Bio >
The pretense of a loving relationship turns to reality for Melanie Durst and Tyson Brown when they set out to fool her matchmaking daughters into believing they're a couple.

Melanie Durst just about has her nest empty. However, the widowed mother of three grown up daughters soon finds herself the object of the girls' matchmaking schemes. In an effort to waylay these actions, Melanie joins forces with a handsome regular customer in her store, Tyson Brown. What begins as a farce to get her daughters off her back ends up being the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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