Rivalry & Romance<br/>In Mammoth Spring, AR

Author: Regina Tittel
Publisher: Hawse Pipe Ministries
Published: 2013-07-01
Editor: Angela Breindenbach
Language(s): english
Pages: 100 pages
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Genre(s): Inspirational, Historical Fiction, Romance Read Excerpt >


“Take them, I don’t care. Just let me go.”

Olivia’s panicked voice lassoed Frederick’s heart. He steered the cart down a narrow street while reaching for the loaded pistol stowed beneath the seat. Ahead, a shadowy figure blended into the darkness of the building. It wasn’t enough to hide him from a single shaft of moonlight. Frederick pulled his gelding to a halt, with his thumb on the hammer of the gun.

“Release her at once.” His voice emitted a calm he hadn’t realized until now. Most assuredly, the Almighty was with him and would protect Olivia.

A man in a striped vest and trousers yanked a struggling Olivia out of the shadows. He locked her roughly to his side. Olivia gasped as she bumped against the foul-minded individual. His sneer, barely evident in the moonlight, was followed by a glint of steel rising toward her throat. “Who’s barking the order?”

Frederick pulled back on the hammer causing a click any man would recognize. “My colt revolver.”


Rivalry & Romance ~ In Mammoth Spring, AR   by   Regina Tittel   |   See Bio >
Sparks fly between rivals Oliviar Tolivar and Frederick Sterling. When a shared passion to educate the less fortunate draws them together, Frederick's competitive nature vanishes as he begins to appreciate Olivia's strong mind and vulnerable heart.
Sparks fly between rivals Oliviar Tolivar and Frederick Sterling.

As desk clerk of the Culp Hotel, Olivia longs to leave it all behind for the life of a wife and mother. The answer seems to present itself in the form of a visiting scholar. But can she accept their differences in belief?

When a shared passion to educate the less fortunate draws Frederick and Olivia together, Frederick’s competitive nature vanishes as he begins to appreciate Olivia’s strong mind and vulnerable heart. But will the results of his scheme to draw Olivia away from the hotel keep Frederick from winning her hand?


Pitted between a choice of a childhood friend Frederick, or a new and exciting stranger, Mr. Jamieson, Olivia Tolivar must weigh through her options of who to court or not to court. Would it be that new, virile book vender who courted words as if they were the most important thing on earth, and could swoon and charm her with his vast knowledge of books, or would it be the childhood friend; with his lame leg forced into an unimpressed new demotion of livelihood that her family disapproved of? Olivia has her work cut out for her, as she skillfully courts each suitor. She must come to a decision soon, as she feels the clock ticking on her self imposed time limit of marriage availability.

Ah, Romeo & Juliet, The Hatfields & Macoys, or Love Storey is a staple of this intriguing historical Romance. Regina Tittel has succeeded well in this period piece of life and love in the late eighteen hundreds. The pictures are painted well with conversations rather than explanations. Subtlety is a true measure of an Author, and Regina displays it with natural ease and consistency in her book (Rivalry & Romance in Mammoth Spring, AR). It was an unexpected pleasure of taking me out of the fast paced, high-tech world of today, and landing me softly in a world where real relationships were cultivated over time and life seemed more relaxed. Her story is as old as time, however her telling of it is new and refreshing.

- Lee Shilo
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