Can't Go Home<br/>

Author: Patty Collins-King
Publisher: DogEar Publishing
Published: 0000-00-00
ISBN(s) 978-1-4575-2792-0
Illustrator: Patty Collins-King
Language(s): English
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Genre(s): Romantic Suspense, Action, Action
Can't Go Home   by   Patty Collins-King   |   See Bio >

Twenty-five year old Isabella Ward Gosden is hiding a big secret. She is also hiding out in the capitol of the Commonwealth of Virginia, better known to some as the “Virginia is for Lovers” state—except that love is definitely the last thing on Isabella’s mind.


Mason Arnold Gosden is the powerful CEO of Gosden Pharma and unwanted husband of Isabella. Mason doesn’t exactly want his wife back—he wants her dead.


Nick Baxter has spent most of his adult life serving others. He is now in the process of hopefully ending a perpetual drug ring that has already shattered too many lives.


One burning question remains. Will Nick be able to accomplish his mission with the help of his friends and colleagues and—will he be able to save the one woman that he has come to love?


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