The Living Image<br/>

Author: Pam Richter
Publisher: Pamela M. Richter
Published: 2013-11-30
ISBN(s) 978-1477419243
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Genre(s): Thrillers, Suspense, Romance
The Living Image   by   Pam Richter   |   See Bio >
Suspense, Fiction, Thriller, Clones, Twins, Spies, Los Angeles,


Sabrina Miller, a fashion designer, is stunned when she meets her own double.  The surprise turns to terror when she finds that her doppleganger was created by a scientists and there are people who will do anything to to keep the new technology a secret.  An international manhunt begins to find out how the woman Sabrina named Eve was made.  The CIA wants to study her.  The Russians try to abduct her for the technology.  The Japanese don't care if they have to tear the woman to pieces--they want to know how she was made.

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