The Vietnamese Recipe<br/>

Author: Mart Kivastik
Publisher: V�ike ��muusika
Published: 2014-11-24
ISBN(s) 9789949380961
Editor: Margit Kuusk
Illustrator: Mall Vahtre
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult, Youth (13 to 17)
Genre(s): Contemporary, Romance & Friendship, Multicultural Read Excerpt >


“Hanoi, sir, Hanoi!”

The Kid opened his eyes, but wasn’t awake. The stewardess’s voice reached him as if from another world. The Kid wasn’t even sure whether he was sleeping or not.
“Hanoi, sir! Mister sir!”
The stewardess was waving her finger in front of his nose. She was explaining something. But with a sleepy head, it was impossible to comprehend her. Obviously, he was still sleeping? In a plane? Why should he be sleeping in a plane? He closed his eyes and opened them again, stretching. The stewardess was attempting to be both gentle and decisive at the same time. There was a strained smile on her face – she was fed up with waking up the Kid.
“Sir, sir… Hanoi, sir! You will have to get off the plane.”

The Vietnamese Recipe   by   Mart Kivastik   |   See Bio >
The bittersweet bildungsroman tells the story of a rather ordinary-looking adventure, which becomes a multidimensional journey through time, space, and personal growth.

A dose of chilly
Hanoi and hot Saigon;
of sunny Nha Trang;
of Cua Rua and
Ho Chi Minh's eternal spirit;
plus, a ladleful of happy and
another one of sad love;
a bowl of pho bo;
and a bottle of ice-cold Leo beer,
or cheap Dalat wine;
as well as, finally,
a long bitter journey
into oneself - 

who knows
where to?

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