Demons of the Jungle<br/>

Author: Joseph Clay
Publisher: Self
Published: 2014-05-24
ISBN(s) 9781310409684
Editor: Keidi Keating
Illustrator: Rick Chappell - John Cannon
Language(s): English
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance, Mystery, Fantasy Read Excerpt >

Once back to Trish she shook her by the arms, which were cold and clammy as Patricia let out another scream of death. The nightmares appeared to be getting worse, Debra thought as the gurgling of water from the steel container soaked the cloth. She wiped Trish’s forehead and neck as she whispered to her.

“Trish, everything’s alright. I’m here.”

Trish rose straight up. Her eyes opened wide as she franticly glanced around the room. Debra could see the fear in her eyes and tears streaming down her face. Trish wrapped her arms around Debra’s neck pulling her closer. Debra could feel her body tremble as she tried to speak through her sobs.

“A disgusting evil creature...with blood dripping from horns jutting out from his temples... was attacking me, shouting... I must give him my virginity. Debra, the devil is among us. A horrible death is awaiting,” Trish exclaimed gasping for air.

Debra began stroking Trish’s hair in the hopes of calming of her down, while trying not to show the shock that the description of Trish’s attacker brought on. She, too, had seen this creature.

“There’s no one in the hut but us. What you thought was blood dripping was only sweat. You’re soaked. One of those jungle varmints could have gotten in your bed and ripped your shirt and that was what was attacking you. You know they can dig under the walls of the hut. Hell, all we got is straw covering the bare earth,” Debra whispered.


Demons of the Jungle   by   Joseph Clay   |   See Bio >
"Come to me and all your desires and wishes will be at your fingertips..."

Debra Wright had been released from rehab once again after serving her time in the slammer. As the cold rain turned to sleet she stumbled off the concrete stoop and shifted her backpack, which contained everything she owned. The nightmares were still haunting her and she was tired of living on the streets, fighting for every scrap of food. Debra was determined to make it south so that she wouldn’t have to endure another Detroit winter…

 Patricia Mitchell watched her graduation cap sail high into the air at her private Catholic school in Birmingham. She had accomplished what her parents wanted: Patricia was a true southern belle who had graduated at the top of her class. She had been waiting for this day for months, and tomorrow she would be on her way to the Gulf Coast with her friends to celebrate. For once she was going to experience real life and fun. But her dad had other plans, and they didn’t include her traipsing around on a beach half-naked with a bunch of drunk teenagers. That night Patricia took all she could and left via her bedroom window…

 These two young women, total opposites, had the same goal: each wanted a different life. They met by chance and the bond between them was immediate. Together they set out on a journey that led from one adventure to another, but heartache, pain and trouble seemed to find them at every turn. In Texas Patricia and Debra shared the leading roles in an off-Broadway production. Their lives appeared to be on the right track until opening night, when all hell broke loose and murder put them on the run again. Patricia never mentioned it but she felt as if a mystical force was pulling them to a faraway destination which promised protection from the evils and troubles of the outside world. The organization STRFAA (Save The Rain Forest And Animals) offered them a deal that was too good to pass up and, they soon learned, too good to be true. They became prisoners in a jungle paradise, where The King of the Demons made his offer: drink the magic elixir or be subjected to torment and death, just like the ones who had refused to drink before them. Will Patricia’s vision of rescue come to pass? So far there is no sign of a knight in shining armor, and time is running out as one of the two holds the cup in her hands…


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