Down Squash Blossom Road<br/>

Author: Janet Chester Bly
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: 2016-09-06
ISBN(s) 9781370259861
Illustrator: Ken Raney, Cover
Language(s): English
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Genre(s): Contemporary, Western, Mystery Read Excerpt >

Deputy Lomax tapped her on the shoulder. He lowered his voice. “I’m warning all the gals but trying not to cause panic. A Peeping Tom has been sighted in town.”


“Yeah. He skulked around a couple nights. May be gone by now. Tell me if you notice anything suspicious.” He reached into a pocket. “This is for you.” He handed Reba an envelope.

She thought she detected apology in his eyes. “What is it?”

“Just read it, but I strongly suggest you do it later. With Pearl.”

She tucked the envelope in her jeans pocket meaning to take a peek as she scooted around the hall. Instead, she winced as Norden grabbed her arm. 

He quickly pulled back. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m just in big trouble.”

She rubbed her upper arm. “Champ didn’t seem too happy about the landing. How much is it going to cost to repair that helicopter?”

“More than I have. But I know why it happened. No wind gust. No engine error. I didn’t mishandle the controls, but Champ will accuse me of that. It was that bell. I warned him it was too heavy.”

“What bell?”

“The church bell. Maidie’s bell, the one in her memory. It’s in the front of the helicopter.”

So Champ still determined to ramrod building the church though he wasn’t a member. Or, by anyone’s estimation, a true believer. Grandma Pearl would not be pleased. “Won’t there be an investigation about the accident?”

“It’s already started. Sheriff Goode questioned me. May take weeks to prove anything. I also thought I smelled a bit of smoke in the cockpit a few minutes before the smashup. I can only hope it’s

mechanical failure. The funny thing is, I wanted that duty of flying him back to try to get on his good side, for me as well as other

businesses in town. We heard rumors he’s trying to get city taxes raised. Now I blew it big time.” He tucked his hands behind him, rocking from one foot to the other. “Hey, I’ve been wanting to talk to you about something else. Can you come by The Outfitters for a few minutes?”

“Right now?”

He nodded, perspiration beading his forehead.

Reba hesitated before she said, “Well, I guess so.” What could

he possibly want to talk about? She barely knew the guy beyond him being Jace’s brother and partner in running the outfitter store. She needed to start packing for the Reno trip to rescue her estranged mother Hanna Jo from the mental institute.

She hoped this wouldn’t become another delay.

Down Squash Blossom Road   by   Janet Chester Bly   |   See Bio >
Book 2 of 0 in the Trails of Reba Cahill Series.
What secret lies down Squash Blossom Road? Cowgirl Reba Cahills schedule is full. Save the family ranch. Free her mom from a mental institute. Solve a murder and kidnapping. Evade a stalker. Can she also squeeze in romance?

Reba Cahill focused on the duties of the ranch, along with her widowed grandmother. But a crippled Champ Runcie returns to Road’s End in a wheelchair and seeks revenge for the accident that put him there. He blames Reba's horse. Meanwhile, a letter from her estranged mom forces her and Grandma Pearl back on the road: I can leave now. Come get me. Love, Mom

When they arrive in Reno, her mother issues a demand and refuses to return to Idaho. They head west instead. In California, Reba’s friend Ginny’s marriage is on the rocks. The family business is threatened. And squabbles turn deadly. 

Reba digs deep to find the courage to forge a relationship with her mom and escape a crazed man’s obsession. She also hopes for a future with a horse trainer who offers her a new horse to replace the one she lost in the accident. But why does he have a photo of a pretty woman on his wall? 


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