Author: Darlene Jones
Publisher: self-published
Published: 2012-04-23
ISBN(s) 1484802470
Language(s): English
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult, Youth (13 to 17)
Genre(s): Science Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense Read Excerpt >


wo days later it was still hot and humid. Alex and Joe muttered as they installed an air conditioner they had found at a flea market. Why? Humph. Didn’t he know the fans weren’t enough in this heat? Alex mumbled and Joe swore and Vic thought it best to leave them alone. Mitch and Cliff were on the computers and Ike was watching TV, the volume turned low. Vic prowled the room, sat across from Ike, picked up the paper and put it down. He went to the fridge and came back empty-handed three times. He picked up the paper again, rattled it, put it down.

“Phone her,” Ike said in an undertone. Vic glared at him, got up, paced.

“Going out,” he said to no one in particular. Twenty minutes later he knocked on his parents’ door.

“Oh, hi dear. Come on in. We’re in the kitchen.” His mom led the way. Vic’s dad was seated at the table, books and manuals piled high in front of him.

“Hello, Victor.” Her voice was low and seductive. Jasmine looked him up and down. He was wearing a tank top, shorts, and sandals. “You look mighty fine,” she said. “Mighty fine.” He felt naked.

“Hello, Jasmine,” he answered with a catch in his voice. She had her hair tied back loosely again. She was wearing an orange spaghetti strap top and white Capri pants, midriff showing. Her feet were bare, toenails painted orange to match the top, her only jewelry, a pair of diamond earrings. They might have stood staring at each other forever. His dad cleared his throat.

EMPOWERED   by   Darlene Jones   |   See Bio >
Book 2 of 4 in the Em and Yves Series.
Jasmine is convinced she's invincible. The visions she experienced as a child told her so. Book 2 of the series, but it can be read as stand alone.

Visions she experienced as a child convince Jasmine that her soulmate exists and isn’t just a figment of romance novels. Jasmine pursues Victor relentlessly, believing he is “the one.” But Victor sees her as a nut case and wants nothing to do with her.

The visions also drive her to try to make the world a better place. She embarks on projects that make sense to her, but appear foolish to others—solar ovens, prison reform.…

Add a dream of reincarnation, sent by Yves, the alien controlling her; a dream that promises much more than a lover; a dream of danger that threatens Jasmine’s perfect life. Who was she before? Why is she so sure she is invincible? Is she crazy or will she and Victor live the happily ever after life she is sure belongs to them? Will Yves overcome his jealousy and let them have that happiness? 

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