Author: Darlene Jones
Publisher: self-published
Published: 2013-04-23
ISBN(s) 1484802470
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult, Youth (13 to 17)
Genre(s): Science Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense Read Excerpt >

“Sleeping better?” David asked.

Emily nodded. “Yes, actually, I am. Hard to believe.”

“These past couple of weeks have been tough, I know. But the coroner’s report must have made you feel better.”

Emily still couldn’t quite believe that Mr. Robins had died of a heart attack. She’d been so sure she’d killed him. She looked at the floor, cleared her throat, and raised her head to look directly at David. “Maybe the fight caused the heart attack?”

David shook his head. “No.” His voice was firm, reassuring. “I saw the coroner’s report.”

Emily didn’t know if she believed him. The police had said the same thing, but it all seemed too contrived to her, too convenient of an explanation. Surely David wouldn’t lie to her though. She studied his face, trying to read more into his comments, trying to see through the professional veneer. I’m genuinely concerned and I’m honest, his face seemed to say. “All right, Doc, I’ll take your word for it.”

David pointed his pipe at her. “You do that, young lady.” A hint of laughter in his tone cheered Emily.

“Jimmy and his mom came to see me yesterday. They both thanked me.” David’s eyes widened. “For saving Jimmy that day.”

“More than that, I think,” David said.

“I think so too, Doc. This is a terrible thing to say—to even think—but I think they’re … not glad exactly, but … glad he’s gone.”

“How does that make you feel?”

Emily slid her trembling hands under her legs and leaned forward. Her laugh was shaky. “Honestly? Relieved. Huge relief. Does that make me an evil person?”

“Not at all.” David rose from his chair, sat beside her on the sofa, and patted her on her shoulder. “You’ll be okay now?”

“I hope so, Doc. But that’s not all.” Emily reached into her purse for the picture. “One of my students gave me this.”

David studied the photo of a man lifting Emily up after Mr. Robins went down. “One of the teachers?”

“No. That’s the man who rescued me from the riot.” Yves. My Yves.

David frowned. “Are you sure? This picture doesn’t show much of his face.”

Emily didn’t need to see his face to know it was him. She recognized his shoulders, his back, the tilt of his head. Every inch of him was clear and dear to her. His strength, his caring poured out of the photo straight to her heart. “I have to find him, Doc. How do I do that?”

“You could go to the media, but I don’t think it would do much good, unless you had a picture of his face, even a profile would be better than this.” He handed the photo back to her. She studied if for a moment and a wave of longing washed over her. “I want you.”


“I want this man, Doc. I need to be with him.”

David sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “Go easy, Emily. You’ve been through so much. You need to think clearly and make your decisions with care. Don’t let emotion take over.”

“I’ll be careful.”


Emily nodded. She’d be careful, but she’d be with Yves if she had any say in the matter. The problem, of course, was how to find him.

EMBROILED   by   Darlene Jones   |   See Bio >
Book 4 of 4 in the Em and Yves Series.
Emily is obsessed with the notion of going up there. She arrives to a world in crisis. Saving it and the man she loves is up to her. Book 4 of the series, but it can be read as stand alone.

Emily doesn’t believe in heaven, but she has an insane desire to go “up there.” A yearning that’s so strong that she can no longer function in daily life. Even the wonderful Dr. David can’t help her find the answers she needs.

Then a stranger arrives claiming to be her soulmate, claiming to have loved her in other lives. She is inexorably drawn to him even as she runs from him.

To prove what he says is true, Yves takes her to his world. There she meets gods and Powers and people rescued from doomed planets—living the perfect heavenly life. She knows she belongs “up there” with Yves, but all is not as idyllic as it appears. Emily is the only one who sees the danger. Can she leave her family and friends to stay with Yves? Will she be able to save him and his world?


What a great, intriguing beginning. Embroiled is suspenseful and spellbinding in its presentation! A Science Fiction special that is both cryptic and engaging. What a great read.
- Lee Shilo
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