The Geek Club<br/>

Author: Rebecca Reilly
Published: 2013-04-12
ISBN(s) 10-1484800559
Category: Fiction
Audience: Juvenile (8 - 12)
Genre(s): Contemporary, Offbeat or Quirky, Action Read Excerpt >

It didn't seem possible to Austin that he could find any joy in life after his terrible day. But bowling night made everything wonderful. Michael and Ron were forgotten. The milk that still made his hair sticky ceased to smell. Walking into the bowling alley felt like going home to Austin. The smell of the French fries and the sound of the bowling balls rolling and crashing into pins comforted him. Marge, the cashier with puffy hair and lots of bright blue eye shadow, waved at him. Good luck tonight Austin! Austin knew he belonged here. The bowling alley, and the people in it, welcomed him.

He picked up his neon pink ball and rolled it down the lane. Pins crashed and life felt good again.

Austin started bowling three years before. He had one goal that drove him. It wasn't the impossible perfect 300 game. It wasn't bowling a 3-strike turkey. It was far greater and far more personal. And tonight he was close. Tonight, he was going to bowl his weight. Tonight he was going to bowl a 76.

The Geek Club   by   Rebecca Reilly   |   See Bio >
When the new, cool kid in fourth grade calls JJ and Austin geeks and then sets out to make their lives miserable, the boys band together to form the coolest club on campus, The Geek Club.

Josh does not want to be defined by his spina bifida. True, he can't run or jump, but he can dream. The pain caused by his birth defect and the hours he's spent watching people from the sidelines give Josh wisdom and compassion unusual for his age. When cruel bullying threatens to crush his best friends, Austin and JJ, Josh convinces them to use their strengths to gain the confidence they need to survive the fourth grade.

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