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Yvonne Anderson writes fiction that takes you out of this world!

A late bloomer, she didn’t start writing until after her four kids were grown, and she published her first book at the age of 55.

She has contributed to the Christian speculative fiction blog at www.SpeculativeFaith.com; a writers' blog at http://www.TheBorrowedBook.blogspot.com; and was the contest administrator for Novel Rocket's Launch Pad Contest for unpublished writers (http://www.NovelRocket.com).

But Anderson is best known for the acclaimed “Gateway to Gannah” science fiction series. Except she doesn’t like to call it that, admitting it’s light on the “sci” and heavy on “fi.” She thinks of it more as a space fantasy.

The Story in the Stars was an American Christian Fiction Writers' Carol Award finalist in 2012. The adventure continues with Words in the Wind, builds momentum in Ransom in the Rock, and comes to a stirring conclusion in The Last Toqeph. 

Learn more about the series—and find links to all four titles—on her blog, Y’s Words.

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