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My name is David Andrew Crawford and I was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada but moved to Ontario when I was a child.  I studied psychology at Carleton University and then went in pursuit of a degree in Computer Science at Algonquin College until finally settling on web designing and development as a career choice.


Shortly thereafter, my father passed away and I delved back into one of my passions, reading fantasy novels, to help take my mind off the loss of my father.  Several years passed and in a passing conversation with my mother, I was urged to write a story about the character I had made as a child playing Dungeons and Dragons.  I always dreamed of being an author and bringing to life all the crazy things my mind could come up with.  So, I (lost my mind) decided to leave my fulltime job and began writing the story of Dark Solus in my little mobile trailer that had an indoor waterfall (the waterfall being a huge hole in the roof).


On January 27, 2011 my novel ‘Dark Solus An Assassin’s Tale’, the first novel in the Dark Saga Series, was published.  It won 3 awards in the Fantasy genre in contests held in the United States.  In February 2012 I won 2nd place in the Written Art Awards and in August 2012 I won Bronze in the Readers Favorite.  I got notification April 15, 2013 that I won 1st Finalist in the Beverly Hills Book Awards.


I have just published my second novel in the series, ‘Demon Raider The Death Stalker’ and it continues with the Dark Saga series.  I already received Honorable mention in a contest that I was not even supposed to enter.


I still live in Canada in the small hamlet of Innisville with my two dogs Ares, the friendly giant and Ariel, the little princess, both five year old Rottweilers.

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