Ann (Anna Mae) Bell grew up in Adel, Iowa and received her B.A. degree from the University of Northern Iowa, a Library Media Endorsement from the University of Montana, and a Master of Library and Information Studies from the University of Hawaii. She authored a series of nine books for Heartsong Presents (Autumn Love, Contagious Love,Inspired Love, Distant Love, Healing Love, Compassionate Love, Love Remembered, Love Abounds, and Mended Wheels). Barbour Press republished the first four books into one volume "Montana" and the second four into "Montana Skies." Those eight books were reprinted in large print by Thorndike Press. 

Mrs. Bell also published three educational technology books "Creating Digital Video in Your School," "Handheld Computers in Schools and Media Center," and "Exploring Web 2.0 - Second Generation Interactive Tools" along with one children's book "The Adventures of Scampy Churchmouse," and an historical novel "Rebekah's Journey."

A complete biography is available in Thomson Gale's "Contemporary Authors" Series Volume 259. 

After living in Iowa, Montana, Guam, Hawaii, and Oregon, Mrs. Bell currently lives in Georgetown, Texas.

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